Call for Papers: Masculinities-A Journal of Identity and Culture

(Sent by Mehita I.)

a journal of identity and culture

It’s been almost 20 years now since R.W. Connell published her groundbreaking and inspiring work, Masculinities, and masculinity studies has become a major field of study, a conceptual domain ready to come out of the closet, and a central critical point of reference in gender, identity, power and trans-anything discussions. The debate over the public visibility and hierarchy of gendered identities has manifested itself as a complicated conflict area more strongly than ever. It has often been reassured that it is of utmost importance to define and redefine the scope of masculinity studies, to establish its basic methodology, and maintain a balance between the ambiguity of interdisciplinary studies and objectivity of a scientific field.
We have been working on a peer reviewed online journal that will be published biannually in English and that will serve to provide an independent forum for issues of gender, identity and culture, with a particular emphasis on masculinity studies. Masculinities offers a joint ground for the interdisciplinary and pioneering research in the field of gender and masculinity, necessarily outreaching into arts, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, communications, linguistics, and medicine so as to enable researchers to share their work, discuss prospective projects, learn from each other, and inspire young scholars.
We invite scholarly and critical contributions, including articles, book and film reviews, reviews of the published articles as well as announcements of forthcoming events, conference reports, and information on other matters of interest to gender studies and/or masculinity studies for the inaugural issue to be published in June 2013. The contributions to the journal should be sent to the email address given below as of April 15, 2013 and they may be related (but not limited) to the topics listed below. You can visit our website for the submission guidelines and further details and you can join our email group that provides updates and recent news as well as announcements and call for papers for the symposiums and journals on masculinity and gender studies.

mail group:!forum/masculinitiesjourna


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