New book announcement: “Queer And Subjugated Knowledges: Generating Subversive Imaginaries”



Queer and Subjugated Knowledges: Generating Subversive Imaginaries makes an invaluable contribution to Gender and Sexuality studies, engaging with queer theory to reconceptualize everyday interactions. The scholars in this book respond to J. Halberstam’s call to engage in alternative imaginings to reconceptualize forms of being, the production of knowledge, and envisage a world with different sites for justice and injustice. The recent work of cultural theorist, Judith Halberstam, makes new investments in the notion of the counter-hegemonic, the subversive and the alternative. For Halberstam, the alternative resides in a creative engagement with subjugated histories, an ecstatic investment in the subcultural and a defiant refusal of a dominant model of theory. Working across Rhetoric and Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Performance Studies, Television and Media Studies, Animation, Sociology, History, Social Policy, Childhood Studies, Education, and Cultural Geography, this unique interdisciplinary text aimed at academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students provides challenging new frameworks for generating knowledge.



Acknowledgment of the cover artist: Kate Hansen

Chapter 1. Introduction
Kerry H. Robinson and Cristyn Davies

Chapter 2: Losing Hope, Finding Nemo And Dreaming Of Alternatives
Judith Jack Halberstam

Chapter 3. Imaging Otherwise: Performance Art As Queer Time And Space
Cristyn Davies

Response: The Queer Space Of The Freak Show

Elizabeth Stephens

Chapter 4. Lesbian Mothers, Two-Headed Monsters And Televisual Machine
Kellie Burns

Response: Pregnating As In Cheating, Fucking, Lying…This Is The Way We Live

Katrina Schlunke

Chapter 5. Grid Failure: Metaphors Of Subcultural Time And Space
Robert Payne

Response: In Praise Of Shallow Viewing

Melissa Jane Hardie       

Chapter 6. Childhood As A ‘Queer Time And Space’: Alternative Imaging Of Normative Markers Of Gendered Lives
Kerry H. Robinson

Response: Heteronormativity, Childhood And Invisibilized Consumption

Sue Saltmarsh

Chapter 7. Reanimating Adulthood
Kate Crawford

Response: Animated Becoming

Peter Bansel

Chapter 8: Queering High School At Summer Heights
Susanne Gannon

Response: Summer Heights High: Queer Time and Queer Place in Australian High Schools

Bronwyn Davies

Chapter 9. Gay Intimacy, Yaoi And The Ethics Of Care
Aleardo Zanghellini

Response: Yamete, O-Shiri Ga Itai!

Kane Race


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