Recommended articles: Feminism

Beyond Barbie

“Or, more importantly, if in the past two years FEMEN had not taken such a colonialist and even seriously racist turn, alienating many who might otherwise sympathise with their attempt to reinvigorate ‘third wave’ feminism.

The truth is, many of FEMEN’s actions are funny, in a way. So is their website, among whose images is one of a FEMEN activist brandishing a bloodied sickle in one hand and a pair of testicles in the other. But usually I’m laughing in an ‘I-can’t-believe-their-politics-are-so-off-the-mark’ way. And increasingly, it has started to feel a bit like laughing as you slowly realise that you’re actually watching a train wreck.”

Where Looks Don’t Matter and Only the Best Writers Get Laid
How the feminist internet utopia failed, and we ended up with speculative realism

“The era of the text-based Internet in the ‘80s and ‘90s was a unique period of Turing-style, behind-the-curtain interaction1. Rather than proving to each other that they were humans, users of the developing system had fantasies of transcending their bodies altogether—something akin to the out-of-body mind-travel in Neuromancer. Passing written notes back and forth through the curtain of the screen, they could invent and reinvent their A/S/Ls.

Through this cyber-body freedom, cyberfeminists anticipated finally moving beyond gender. Multiple User Domains (MUDs), Bulletin Board Services (BBSs), Role Playing Games (RPGs) and various other interactive internet portals were to be populated by polymorphous men, women, transgendered animals, three-headed aliens, medieval warriors … identities with genders and sexualities of infinite type.”

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  1. NIBIZI said:

    I am afraid for hearing FEMEN activist brandishing a bloodied sickle in one hand and a pair of testicles in the other!!!
    For me a good a femen activist must be tolerant and negotiate with his brother more than anything else that she do not hear each other!

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