New GLBTQ Journal: QED

NEW GLBTQ Journal. Submissions Now Open.
Charles E. Morris III (, Thomas K. Nakayama

QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking brings together scholars, activists, public intellectuals, artists, and policy and culture makers to discuss, debate, and mobilize issues and initiatives that matter to the diverse lived experience, struggle, and transformation of GLBTQ peoples and communities wherever they may be. With an emphasis on worldmaking praxis, QED welcomes theory, criticism, history, policy analysis, public argument, and creative exhibition, seeking to foster intellectual and activist work through essays, commentaries, interviews, roundtable discussions, and book and event reviews. QED’s inaugural issue (0.1), “The End of Bullying?”– feat. Elizabethe Payne & Melissa Smith/QuERI, GenderJust, GLSEN/Martha Langmuir, C. J. Pascoe, Isaac West, Max Geschwind, Chris Sanders/TN Equality Project, Kenneth Lythgoe, CA Sen.
Mark Leno, Erica Meiners and Therese Quinn, Jeffrey Bennett with Jack Halberstam, as well as the terrific Performance & Performativities and Book Review Sections–is in press and will appear in September! Issue 1.1, “Bradley Manning’s Queer Discontents,” will appear in February, 2014. Follow QED on Facebook and Twitter (QEDJournal). For subscription and other submission details, visit
General QED Queries: Charles E. Morris III or Thomas K. Nakayama,

SUBMISSIONS are now being accepted for consideration:

1). Original Research Manuscripts, 10,000 word maximum (including endnotes), Chicago Manual of Style;

2). Original Article-Length Non-Academic Essays, 5,000 word maximum. Visit the online submissions portal at:

Submissions are accepted only in MS-Word format. Please submit your article and, if necessary, a short abstract in one file. Upon creating an account, you will be asked to enter information about yourself and your article. There should be no identifying information [i.e. the name(s), affiliation(s) of the author(s)] in the document itself for purposes of blind review. Upload files containing all tables and figures as supplemental materials. Note that any message/letter to the editor should be saved as a separate file and uploaded as a supplemental file. Retain both print and electronic copies of your work to guard against loss in transit. A confirmation note will be sent immediately after the submission is received.

BOOK REVIEWS: Standard Book Reviews for QED should be between 800-1200 words although depending on the book being reviewed they may be shorter or longer. Book reviewers should discuss the length of the review with the Book Review Editor before writing. All book reviews should be prepared and submitted following the Instructions for Authors for this journal. Reviews should be accessibly written with an audience in mind that is comprised of academics, activists, and artists interested in LGBTQ issues. Inquiries should be sent to: Karma R. Chávez, Book Review Editor,

QUEER PERFORMANCE & PERFORMATIVITIES This section of QED is dedicated to a documentation and illumination of events/performances/ happenings in/of/as related to GLBTQ communities; a diverse range of activities relevant to intersecting academia and activism in a GLBTQ worldmaking project. Such events/performances might include but are not limited to solo and performance/art across a range of genres, reviews of films or film festivals, concerts, exhibitions, theater, television events; documentation of protests, marches, queer occupy actions, critique of headlining events, conferences, and more. QP&P is constructed in it broadest sense of embodied/engaged activity with intent to celebrate or illuminate the practices, politics and polemics of GLBTQ lives; and performativities as critical interventions in the repetitive regimes of the normal that inspire the impulse of queer activism and the politics of being (GLBTQ). QED will always engage the latest version of The Chicago Manual of Style. The three editors working collaboratively will solicit and receive submissions for consideration. Inquiries/submissions should be sent to any of the three editors:
Bryant Keith Alexander (, Madison Alexander Moore (, or C. Riley Snorton (


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