Call for presentations: Gender and Disability – A Gender and Sexuality Project

Call  for Presentations
Gender and Disability – A Gender & Sexuality  Project

1st Global Conference
Tuesday 6th May – Thursday 8th May  2014
Lisbon,  Portugal

While ideas around  disability have significantly changed due to the shift
from the medical to the  social model, disabled people are too often viewed
as non-sexual beings, and  rarely seen as objects of desire outside of the
fetish community in which the  disability is the object of desire rather than
the person per se. Most  representations of disability construct disability
as either monstrous (as in  horror cinema) or sympathetic (as in social
issue cinema and documentaries), in  both cases disability is rendered as
abnormal and disabled people incapable of  ‘normal’ sexual relationships. Yet
for all of us, at some stage in our lives,  disability will become our issue
rather than someone else’s issue whether this  is through accident, chronic
illness or the vagaries of the aging  process.
This conference seeks to challenge popular conceptions and  perceptions of
sexuality and disability. In addition to academic papers, we are
particularly interested in opening up a space for the discussion of personal
experiences of disability and sexuality and the role of sex workers, community
programs and the work of sex educators. Inter-disciplinary and
cross-disciplinary perspectives are sought on sexuality and disability,  including
cross-cultural and transcultural perspectives. Non-traditional  presentations are
encouraged including workshops, performances and round table  discussions.


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