Call for papers: Transnational Queer Activism

Transnational Queer Activism

Janice Irvine and Jill Irvine, eds.

This call for papers seeks contributions to an edited volume on transnational queer and LGBT politics, movements, and activism. This volume will feature work that bridges theoretical and empirical methodologies, and that is located within both disciplinary and interdisciplinary frames. Drawing upon current research on a broad range of cases, it aims to provide a comparative analysis of queer politics both within countries and across regions.  We are particularly interested in the notion of queer as it has traveled around the globe and the opportunities and/or obstacles it presents for various types of activism, movement building, strategic action, and identities. In addition, we are interested in articles that address the following

1.) What political strategies have queer and LGBT movements pursued?
How have these strategies been shaped by factors such as nation, religion, gender, and other axes of difference?

2.) How do LGBTQ activists frame issues? How do global discourses,
norms, and languages shape local issues and how, in turn, do local
issues and frames shape global discourses?   Do queer politics versus
LGBT politics create alternative or mutually reinforcing sets of issues
and political demands?

3.) What alliances do LGBTQ movements and activists build locally,
regionally and  internationally?  What factors have caused rifts or
fissures in queer or LGBT movements? To what extent does queer activism
intersect with other forms of activism/resistance?

4.) How have activists disrupted or been shaped by geographical and
other binaries, such as east/west, north/south.  Are there different
variants of queerness as it is understood and applied in transnational

Paper proposals of no more than 250 words should be submitted to Jill
Irvine at Jill.Irvine@ou.eduand Janice Irvine at by
April 1, 2014.  Proposals will be reviewed quickly and authors will be
notified by May 15, 2014.   Draft papers, approximately 8,000 words in
length, will be due January 15, 2015.


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