Technologies of Sex & Gender Unconference: Queer Theories and Subjects – Seattle

Technologies of Sex & Gender Unconference: Queer Theories and Subjects
GLBT Studies International Communication Association Preconference

MAY 22, 2014 – SEATTLE

This ICA preconference brings together scholars, activists, and artists working on gender, sexuality, communication, media, and technology to examine, debate, and plan new projects, including:

• Investigating how the strategies activists and artists have developed in this field can transform academic research practice, as well as how academics can contribute to activist and artistic technology projects
• Providing an interdisciplinary environment in which LGBT, queer, and gender-nonconforming technology scholars, activists, and artists can network with each other, learn about current work in these fields, forge partnerships, and develop new collaborative projects
• Creating applications, games, and art that explore, celebrate, or undermine sexualized and gendered subjectivities.
• Researching how LGBT, queer, and gender nonconforming populations employ technologies in specific historical and cultural contexts (particularly by looking at the intersections of gender, race, nationality, class, and sexuality in these contexts)
• Discussing how queer, transgender, and feminist theories can be brought to bear on technology research, and how these fields can and must transform each other in the process
• Exploring how queer, transgender, and feminist theories can be integrated into technology design practice
• Ascertaining how scholars have used and can use technologies to study sexual- and gender-nonconforming communities, including their own

The preconference’s goal is to provoke encounters that would set in motion future collaborations and networks among artists, activists, and scholars. It utilizes the “unconference” format, in which participants, rather than organizers, decide on the agenda from among their own submitted proposals. This allows for more intensive interaction, higher-level conversations, and a more engaged, productive experience than traditional academic conferences.

Proposals due JAN. 20, 2013. For info, see or contact

Sponsors: Dept Communication University of Washington, School of Media and Communication at Temple University,  The Stranger, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at UW-Bothell, Greater Seattle Business Assoc., Co-sponsoring ICA Divisions/Interest Groups: Feminist Scholarship, Popular Communication, Ethnicity and Race in Communication, Global Communication and Social Change, Communication History,  Game Studies.  


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