The Wits Queer Theory Reading Group was established in 2010 by Tommaso M. Milani and Tracey Lee McCormick with the aim to initiate a critical discussion about queer theory, one of the most radical theoretical frameworks about gender and sexuality. Because of its notoriously difficult language, queer theoretical texts have often been dismissed as inaccessible to wider audiences. Because of its North American origin, queer theory has also been rejected as inadequate to capture the complexity of gender and sexuality in non-“Western” contexts. In contrast, the reading group seeks to demystify the impenetrable character of queer theoretical texts; it also strives to generate a dialogue about the possibilities and challenges that queer theory brings with it when applied to South(ern) African conditions.


Introduction to Queer Theory by Annamarie Jagose


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The group meets the last Thursday of every month, usually from 5 to 6 in the Post-Graduate Seminar Room in the SW Engineering Building on East Campus of the University of Witwatersrand.


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